The Book

Discover what we learned though years of doing marriage our way and failing. We wrote We Above Me to help you build a resilient marriage that will allow you and your spouse to persevere through difficult times and draw even closer to one another. This will result in a marriage filled with peace and happiness.


Financial issues are the #3 reason for divorce in America and the reason many couples have disagreements. In our book we discuss ways to establish a budget and live within our means. Living beyond our means puts stress on our marriage because it threatens the basic needs of shelter, sustenance, and safety. God expects us to be good stewards of all the things He places under our care and that includes our finances. Successfully managing our money not only honors God but also improves our marriages.

God doesn’t want us to be in debt (Deuteronomy 15:6). Below is an excerpt from our book that shows the danger of carrying debt in our marriage.

Average Budget  without  Debt

Average Budget without Debt

A budget is a basic plan used to allocate your money and direct your money where to go. Without a budget, people will end up running out of money because they don’t track where their money went. If you don't create and follow a budget, you will lack available finances for emergency purposes.

However, if, like most people in America, they take out a loan to buy a car and carry a monthly balance on their credit card, we can see the impact clearly in the next table.

The story is much different now. This is a typical budget of many Americans today. Again, this information is based on averages of what a typical household carries for car loans and credit card debt. Look what happens to this average family. They have no money left for investments, and they have very little money for discretionary spending.

Average Budget  with  Debt

Average Budget with Debt


The Winterton Story Introduction

Eric and Cheri Winterton share their story of how they were able to move through the pain of broken relationships, to the joy of the God-centered marriage they now share.

Conflict Resolution – Part 1

Every marriage (every relationship for that matter!) runs up against conflict at one point or another. Learn how to constructively resolve matters of conflict in a Godly way that will not only get you through the stressful time, but will also help to strengthen your relationship as you navigate through the tangle of emotions that arise when conflict hits.


Conflict Resolution – Part 2

We will continue our discussion on Godly conflict resolution, and give you helpful suggestions on how you can move through the mess and restore the peace in your relationship.