We tried marriage OUR WAY.

We failed.

we found a better way.


Through our relationship with God, we found each other and now we have trust, peace, unity and happiness.

Watching my parents’ marriage crumble before my eyes, I assumed failed relationships were the norm. Cheri was always looking for other people’s approval, and when she didn’t receive it, her self confidence plummeted. Allowing her circumstances to dictate her happiness led her to believe that happiness was something she couldn’t find.

We have lived through Godless marriages and have experienced first hand the devastation of broken relationships. We were married in 2005, when two broken families became one by the grace of God. We now serve together at Rosedale Baptist Church, ministering to those about to be married and those needing marital support and counseling.

This site is dedicated to helping others understand how to build a resilient and joy-filled marriage.

– Eric and Cheri Winterton

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Click the image above to read a sample.

Resilient, peaceful marriages are built on God’s love.

A majority of people today have no hope in “happily ever after” when it comes to marriage. Although they want to find that person, past experience and historical statistics don’t inspire confidence. With more than 50% of marriages ending in divorce, and children growing up in broken families, is it any wonder that people have no faith in the institution of marriage?

But there is hope!

God created a man and a woman to be unified in holy matrimony, and His Word - the Bible, has many things to say about how a couple can find “happily ever after” and have a joy-filled, thriving marriage. Inside you will find the foundational guidance to successful marriage and a triumphant relationship with your spouse. With a 67% failure rate on second marriages, we were determined to beat the odds. We turned to the author of marriage, God. We studied God's Word about Christ-honoring marriages. If you want to know how we beat the odds and created a thriving marriage please read “We Above Me” and rebuild your hope in a marriage that works.

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